Monday, July 07, 2008

CSU Urban Development Guru Ned Hill,
Connecting the Dots Nobody Else Sees

'I consider economic development the art of connecting the dots that nobody else sees.'
--Cleveland-based urban development guru Ned Hill, while being
interviewed recently on Smart City Radio. We recommend you listen to the whole thing, because it's full of insight and aha! moments, and serves as a vivid reminder of why Ned has a national reputation. While you're at it, you might also give a listen to this equally stimulating SCR interview with writer Alex Kotlowitz, who expands on his Fast Company article about Chicago, which we recently noted here. In the interview, Alex admits to being an eternal optimist by the very nature of his work. "The very act of writing is an act of hope," he says. He won't get an argument from us on that.


At 10:37 PM, Anonymous jo said...

It's funny, I just was working on putting together an envelope of stuff for you. One of the things is an overview of our county's long-term conceptual master plan. I thought you would find it of interest, and am sure I will find the interviews you have kindly linked us to most interesting as well. You may be sure I will pass these on to someone who can use all they "aha!" moments he can get as he struggles to help give birth to a master plan for our city.

As usual, thanks for more great ideas.


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