Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Which Industry is Suffering More:
U.S. Automakers or Newspapers?

I'd call it a tossup at the moment. They're both mostly in meltdown mode. The only difference, perhaps, is that the newspaper industry business model has been eroding at a sickeningly fast pace in the last year or two, while American automakers have been on a slow, steady descent for about a quarter-century now. I remember going to Detroit in about 1990 to profile a senior manager of General Motors, and the thrust of the piece was about how the industry (which then called itself the Big Three) had seemingly hit rock bottom. Looking back 18 years later, I'm sure that would have seemed like, if not the golden era for GM and its domestic competitors, at least a pretty healthy point, relative to today. A tip of the cap to my friend Doug Fisher, whose marvelous Common Sense blog is worth exploring when you have some time. You'll find plenty of insight from a seasoned journalism pro, and I'm honored to have a link from that blog to this one.


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