Friday, July 04, 2008

Saturday Stuff

Our Favorite Headline of the Week. Okay, you might find this headline in Ad Age silly, but we think it makes it pretty hard for a reader to pass up the article.

Eleven Foods You Ought to be Eating. Eat your vegetables, folks. I plan on taking this to heart. And just look at how many comments this modest little subject drew. More than 700 and counting...

Prediction: The Next President Will be a Lefty. Well, not that kind of lefty necessarily.

A Not-to-be-Missed Event. Don't forget to check out the Cain Park summer art festival in Cleveland Heights next weekend. Apart from the Feast of the Assumption in Little Italy, it's the high point of Cleveland's summer fests, I think.

Always a Step Behind. In 2002, shortly after the first Internet-fueled tech bubble burst, I read in the New York Times about Pittsburgh's Carnegie-Mellon University opening a satellite campus in California's Silicon Valley. I recall having two immediate reactions: one, that's a smart move, and secondly, why isn't our own Case Western Reserve University ever doing that kind of forward thinking? The two schools are roughly compatible in size and resources, just as their host cities are. The only difference, I'm afraid, is the quality of leadership in the universities. But good leadership never stands still, naturally. Sure enough, take a look at this page, which documents how those satellite CMU campuses have now spread around the world. Read it and weep, Case.


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