Friday, November 13, 2009

Interested in Growing Your Human Network?
Join Me for a Presentation Next Monday Eve

In this, the Great Recession, there's never been a greater need to have a strong professional and personal network. People who are in business for themselves take it as a given that they must maintain strong relationships with a wide array of people from all kinds of walks of life, and must constantly nurture and grow that network. But when you're a long-time employee in an organization (and not part of the sales or business-development group), it's easy to forget about why all this matters, at least until your job has been eliminated or you otherwise find yourself in transition, the giant catch-all phrase one hears everywhere these days. When you're looking for your next thing, a strong network suddenly matters, a lot.

Next Monday, November 16th, I'll be talking about that very subject--the building, care and feeding of one's network. As a bonus, you'll get to take a look around an old Cleveland institution that most people have only walked by and admired on their way to an Indians or Cavs game, Gray's Armory. It's a magical old place that instantly summons what late 19th-century Cleveland looked like. When I took a tour a couple weeks ago, I was slightly awed by its musty majesty. Anyway, you can get more information about the event here, but there's no need to RSVP ahead of time. Simply come down and be part of it all. I hope to see some of you there.


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