Friday, March 03, 2006

A Lovely Reminder That Spring Will Come,
And that Dazzling Writers Are in Our Midst

'There's something about sunshine and writing -- that early morning golden and quiet stillness. There's something about that yellow wake-up call that fills the imagination like a comfortable cup of coffee. It nudges the little spirit -- that muse or garden gnome or faery or whatever it is that slips ideas into your head, deposits them like quirky, unexpected postcards when your brain is not crammed with to-do list chores. Before alarm clocks buzz, toasters pop, newspapers slap concrete porches, traffic shoves into the fast lane...there's a window of Om. Time when the mind can whisper those ideas that marinate during the night. Uninterrupted. And this morning, in particular, "Delilah the Dell" is drinking them up.'
--from an impossibly lovely passage in my friend Kristen Hampshire's blog, Write Life. To view more of her wondrous stuff, be on the lookout for the young bard of Lakewood's byline in Cleveland Magazine, Smart Business, Inside Business, Entrepreneur Magazine, the PD, Fortune Small Business and many other pubs. She's a dynamo, and always worth reading.


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