Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Fellow Scribe Watch

Eileen Beal and Anton Zuiker, a couple of talented friends who have specialized in medical writing, have each recently had special cause to be proud of their achievements. Last fall, Eileen was selected to a prestigious and highly competitive week-long fellowship in New York to attend the Age Boom Academy. It's co-hosted by the Mt. Sinai Medical Center's International Longevity Center and the New York Times Foundation. She got the welcome chance to relax a little from her relentless deadline pressure and marinate in the subject of aging. A series of panels dealt with the issue of how the media is doing in confronting the growing issue of a steadily aging U.S. population. Eileen, a former teacher and Peace Corps veteran who once labored on the staff of the Cleveland Jewish News, is widely published. Though her friends sometimes tease her about her web phobia, her writing can be found all over the Internet (here, here, here and here, for starters).

Meanwhile, Anton, a.k.a. Mistersugar, (also a Peace Corps vet), has been invited to speak to the American Medical Association's annual Medical Communications Conference when it gathers in Arizona in April. His topic? Blogging. Congratulations, Eileen and Anton.


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