Thursday, April 16, 2009

Best Lead of the Month

'It wasn’t hard to bribe your way into Madison Square Garden in the 1970s. You set out from Brooklyn, ran the toll at the tunnel and quickly inhaled a couple of bottles of under-age courage at the Penn Bar. Then, with a squarely folded $5 in the center of your right palm, you made your way to the ticket taker at Tower D and executed your Class C misdemeanor like a politician working a rope line: feigned ease, little eye contact and an efficient, soulless handshake during which your $5 became his.'
--from a New York Times article on an upcoming HBO documentary about the famous Thrilla in Manila heavyweight championship fight between Muhammed Ali and George Frazier. You can review earlier best leads here.


At 12:15 AM, Anonymous stan said...

Couldn't even smuggle a bottle of my favorite root beer into a sporting event, and a five dollar bribe wouldn't pay to park my car, let alone gain admission to a sporting event these days. Thanks for the artfully detailed memories of days gone by.

Of course when I played ball and there was no charge, I would have given the world to see a parent there. Don't forget to go cheer on a kid, or build a friendship with one while you root for your team.

Go Cavs!

At 7:30 AM, Blogger John Ettorre said...

Well said, Stan.


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