Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday Stuff

Another Book Blog to Consider. The New Yorker magazine starts a book blog. In the past, I've pointed you to book blogs maintained by the NYTimes and Washington Post. But you can never have enough good ones. What do you think of the new entrant, Darby?

The Yuck Factor. Slate asks the burning question you've all no doubt been wondering about: should you drink your own urine if pressed by extreme thirst?

Tired of Reading or Thinking About Baby Boomers? I'm not, since I'm among them. So I did check out this list of supposed myths about boomers. Nothing too earth-shaking in there.

Godin on Nonprofit Marketing. My favorite marketing guru, Seth Godin (whose fresh, literate insights I've often pointed you to in the past) recently fielded questions on marketing nonprofit causes in an online discussion with the excellent Chronicle of Philanthropy.

McCain Tops List of Senators Missing Votes. I'm a little surprised we haven't heard more about this from the Obama campaign. But give them time. Until recently, all the opposition research has been targetted at Hillary. It's now turned to McCain. So expect to hear about this soon, unless the Obama folks figure that their guy coming in at #3 on that same list would render this a little less useful.


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