Saturday, April 19, 2008

Be Prepared for Tsunami of Stupidity
Related to Hipster Holiday, Earth Day

Hey, I'm just as interested in the environment as the next guy, but what I have no stomach for is idiocy parading as regard for the environment. With Earth Day about to happen (this Tuesday), be prepared for a blizzard of fake "news" and soft trend "stories" about eco-friendliness. Here's my nominee for dumbest story yet (though we'll no doubt find lots of others to rival or surpass it). It's a reminder that NBC's Today show continues to get softer and sillier, making the Katie Couric era seem downright serious by comparison. I loved this Washington Post critic's description: the show "might best be described as a women's magazine -- pre-"Feminine Mystique" -- brought to life. It is an hour dominated by extreme weight-loss stories, ambush makeovers and recipes for carrot cake so good that it will make a man propose." Anyway, you're welcome to add your nominees for worst, but also for best, Earth Day coverage via the comments section.


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