Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday Stuff

You're the Winner! And what have you won? An internship at the cheesy New York Post or Fox News. No thanks.

Coming Soon: A Total Waste of Paper. Raise your hand if you believe that bully boy Don Rumsfeld's memoir will add significantly to our understanding of the Iraq war fiasco. Anyone?

Thinking About Retirement Yet? This handy feature from Smithsonian Magazine will clue you in to some good places to consider.

Probing the Sources of Your Obsession with Reading This Blog. Are you tired of losing hours of work, sleep and time with loved ones while engaging in the silly habit of reading this and other blogs? If so, this Wall Street Journal blog does its level best to explain your addiction.

Dee Dee Weighs in on Veep choices. Former Bill Clinton press secretary Dee Dee Myers has some interesting thoughts on presidential VP choices.

Experiment in Ad-Driven Books. We don't necessarily endorse this idea, but found it interesting nevertheless. Kelly was founding editor of Wired Magazine.

Finally, we bring you this depressing story about the massive philanthropic need this criminal war in Iraq continues to create. It speaks to two important issues: the fact that the Bush Administration's attempts to put a number on the war don't begin to cover the real costs, and it also highlights the nauseating reality that, as a military veteran and father of a current soldier once observed to NPR, "we are a military at war, not a nation at war." Shame on us all.


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