Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tuesday Stuff

News Flash: Former congressman is the last person in America to learn that Dick Cheney doesn't give a damn what the public thinks. I think you can safely credit his fake surprise to the fact that he's hawking his new book. After all, as a co-founder of one of the architectural pillars of hard-right conservative theology (the Heritage Foundation), he's certainly no political naif.

Why Sex Scandals are Good for America. The German magazine Der Spiegel offers its take from across the Atlantic.

Onion Peels. The satirical publication The Onion has some ideas about McCain's possible running mates.

Parents of Teenagers Seen Dancing in the Street. They're celebrating the possibility that this anti-sagging-pants law could spread.

Never Stop Networking. Finally, with the economic storm clouds gathering, Fortune has some good ideas about how you can make your job more recession-proof. Pay special attention to this one: "Never stop networking. Of course, the day you get a pink slip is not the day you want to start calling old colleagues, asking former bosses out to lunch, and getting in touch to say hello to all the interesting people you've known over the years. No, the time to start doing that is now." Do please take that to heart, y'all. If I had a dime for every old friend and acquaintance who's suddenly feverishly interested in spending time with me shortly after losing their job (but who tends to disappear while gainfully employed), I could buy you all lunch. Hell, maybe I will anyway! The point, though, is this: stay in touch with your network on an ongoing basis, not just when you need something. Because good networks are like banks. And if you're only making withdrawals, pretty soon, there's nothing left to withdraw. Enough said about that.


At 11:44 AM, Anonymous Mr. Bluster said...

It appears that former Oklahoma congressman Mickey Edwards has been designated as the Heritage Foundation's point man. They'll be attempting to hang a boat anchor around the necks of Bush and Cheney to try to save the GOP brand.

They can't be "true" conservatives.

Here is a 1991 letter to the NYT editor:


"Your pages have proclaimed Communism's death as a political force. In describing the political and economic system in the Soviet Union, China and North Korea and those that existed in Eastern Europe as Communism, you participate in the same campaign of misinformation about the philosophy of Communism as their brutal dictators have done for so many years.

"You should distinguish the real Communism of Marx, Lenin and Trotsky from that dark and brutal totalitarian regime of Stalin and his successors. Communism as a political force has been dead since Lenin died in 1924. What has since spread is a perversion of Communism, a kind of repressive dictatorship, sustained by force only to satisfy the needs of sick megalomaniac leaders.

"Nevertheless, the philosophy of Communism still lives on, and one day its potential and impact on humanity will be realized in its correct form."


I'm confident that "true conservatism" too will live on similarly (like Dracula.)

At 8:52 PM, Blogger John Ettorre said...

Bluster, as you were among the first (if not THE first) to point out, conservatives are trying desperately to spin it so that Bush-Cheneyism will somehow be seen as a departure from true conservative ideology, rather than (what it really is) its very embodiment. Anything to avoid having to face the music of their multiple disasters.


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