Thursday, August 30, 2007

Here's One Article About Himself
That Drudge Will Never Link To

The web gossip Matt Drudge is forever linking to articles about himself in various media. Naturally, they tend to be largely celebratory takes, and there have been plenty of those, given his ever-growing influence (not long ago, the editor of noted that as much as 40% of the site's traffic comes via links from the Drudge Report). But the man behind the site has managed to largely remain hidden behind his latter-day Walter Winchell schtick. Until now, that is. Though Vanity Fair and a couple other outlets have done good work peering behind the Drudge curtain, this profile in last week's New York Magazine is the best, most comprehensive and balanced rendering of the guy I've seen yet. Just don't expect to see Drudge calling attention to it, since the warts-and-all treatment, while not unsympathetic, discloses plenty of personal material that will make him wince, and in his myth. Its author is an interesting writer named Philip Weiss, who's perhaps best known for his work for the New York Observer. Four years ago, I explored the subject of Matt Drudge and his Drudge Report in two consecutive posts, here and here.


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