Thursday, August 23, 2007

In a Speech to Journalism Educators, Bill Moyers
Calls Journalism 'Passport Into the World of Ideas'

'Journalism's been a good life for me. A continuing course in adult education – my own. It enabled me to cover the summits of world leaders and the lives of poor people in Newark. I was paid richly as a CBS news analyst to put in my two cents’ worth on just about anything that had happened that day. I produced documentaries on issues and subjects that fascinate me – from money in politics to the Chinese experience in America, the history of the Hudson River, the power of myth, and the making of a poem. With journalism came a passport into the world of ideas, my favorite beat. I’ve enjoyed the sometimes intimidating privilege of talking to some of the wisest and sanest people around – scientists, historians, scholars, philosophers, artists and writers – to ask them important questions: Why is there something instead of nothing? What do we mean by a moral life? Can we learn to be creative?'
--Bill Moyers, the thinking person's omnijournalist, addressing a conference of journalism educators last week. Earlier, I mentioned Moyers here and here.


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