Thursday, April 17, 2003

Mac Cutting Through the Clutter, As Always

"In my opinion, successful projects involve teams of smart people who are willing and able to communicate."
--Tom McNamara, thinking aloud last week over lunch at Joe's Deli in Rocky River

We all have our favorite personal gurus, and I have plenty. I've been blessed to have several on the writing side, of course (all of which I'll be writing about here in good time). Others who are on the web side. And some are just simply wise beyond their years, due to some special mental acuity, unique blend of experiences or old-fashioned but uncommon intuitive sense.
But my friend Tom Mac is one of those rare birds who has a little of each. People are drawn to him for his special ability to bring his impossibly wide and eclectic background in business and life to bear on whatever it is he happens to be doing or talking about at that moment.
And always you leave the conversation or project with the feeling that you've learned something real and useful, gleaned an insight or a way of thinking about a challenge or perhaps a method of framing the issues that will equip you to better tackle the next thing.
And there's simply no measuring the value in that. I'd call it the very embodiment of grace.


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