Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Welcome To All

Welcome to Working With Words, an online community for those who struggle with writing and the written language. If you're a professional writer--whether that's in poetry, journalism, fiction, web writing or whatever--great, and welcome. If you're a would-be writer, a double welcome. But we're just as eager to welcome into our conversation those who neither derive a living from this work nor aspire to, but who are simply interested in writing and reading--as a way of learning about the world or more about themselves, to capture a fleeting emotion or observation or to just plain touch another heart. Even if the only writing you've tried to do in the last five years is a literate, persuasive memo to your boss (or love note to your spouse/honey), this site nevertheless may still be for you, since it's written with the example of Bill Zinsser's On Writing Well stamped on everything we do. We're looking forward to the adventure...
John Ettorre


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