Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Here's a Preview of Tomorrow's Presentation
At the COSE Small Biz Conference at the IX

Blogging & Social Networking for Business

In Tough Times, Maximizing Free Resources is Crucial for Any Business.
A good blog is free (expect of course for the opportunity costs of the time spent writing), and a great way to market one’s services. It’s not, however, a short-term proposition. And if all you’re trying to do is market, save yourself the trouble. First, add value.

Search Optimization Tactics Are Fine. But a Good Blog is the Ultimate SEO Strategy.
Done properly & over a long time, blogging builds “organic search” results, the best kind.

It’s a Great Tool for Executing a Thought-Leader Strategy.
It helps if you actually have some interesting thoughts to share & know your field well.

It Radically Increases Your Likelihood of Serendipity.
You’ll have more “accidental conversations” that will help you grow, learn and maybe, just maybe, attract more business. People will find you, rather than you always having to find them. Isn’t that an easier way to do it?

Out of These Conversations Will Come Great Relationships, Some Virtual, Some Not.
This sets the table for leveraging social networking tools, especially (my fav) Linkedin, to steadily expand & deepen your network of business friends, allies & champions.

A Great Companion & Complement to Online Social Networks.
They’re many things: third-party marketing tools (recommendations) & favor banks (introductions to your network) are just a few ways people use them. Just make sure you’re using at least one of the tools, and experiment in ways that make sense and feel comfortable for you. Don’t simply do it to follow a trend. That’s a sure recipe for failure.

Markets Are Conversations & Blogs Are a Uniquely Effective Way to Take Part.
Whatever you might have heard about how people no longer read, don’t believe it. Humans still crave stories and narrative, especially those emanating from an interesting, knowledgeable & authentic voice. Consider adding yours to the mix.

(for a look at the entire conference lineup, go here. Our panel begins at 2:45 in room five. Hope to see some of you there.)


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