Monday, June 16, 2008

West Side Finally In Line to Get
Rough Equivalent of Cedar-Lee,
Movie Palace for Thinking Folks

In the past, I've asked the question, where would we be without the Cedar-Lee?, our beloved east side (of Cleveland) art house movie venue. In an era in which most movies are little more than trinkets of the idiot culture, the Cedar-Lee hosts a continuing stream of the most thoughtful and understated movies being made. Its choices are so good that I never feel the need to scan the movie reviews. If it's booked at the Cedar-Lee, I simply trust that it will be at least pretty good, and I'm rarely disappointed. On occasion, our good fortune gives rise to feelings of guilt: I've felt bad for west siders, who don't have any such quality movie house nearby. But all that is due to change in the spring. The good news is that the rehab of the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood will include the new Capitol Theatre, which is expected to show similar highbrow fare. Congratulations, west siders. You're going to love having such a jewel in your midst.


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