Sunday, March 02, 2008

Oberlin Attracts the Best Speakers

There's a good reason why smart Baby Boomers are increasingly moving to college towns for their active retirement years: there's so much to do and see there. Nearby Oberlin College is a sparkling case in point. Whenever I take a look at their website, I seem to notice a nationally noted speaker appearing on campus, and the programs are always free and open to the public. This month, in fact, there are three speakers worth seeing (I plan on making it to at least one of these events). This week, the incomparable storyteller Robert Krulwich, an Oberlin grad, will appear. Next week, it's former Bush speechwriter David Frum, infamous author of the "axis of evil" line from a George W. speech. Finally, on March 19th, former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich makes an appearance. Krulwich, a longtime NPR guy who also spent some years at CBS and ABC, is easily among the two or three most innovative storytellers in the electronic media. His distinctive style is as entertaining as it is informative. And we like the diminuitive Reich for his habit of truth-telling. As for Frum--well, we could do without him.


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