Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Our Favorite
Book Title, Part 8

Gotcha Capitalism is not only a memorably catchy title, saying much in but two words, but it also (alas) seems to encompass much of the direction we're headed in these days. It certainly applies to banks and other financial institutions, which are seemingly engaged in an endless cat-and-mouse game with regulators over the fine print in which they can bury the gritty reality of their manifold, partly hidden fees. Anyway, we thought it merited mention today. To review earlier favorite book titles, you can go here.


At 10:18 AM, Anonymous M├Ądchen said...

Hello??? There are primaries going on and the women are starting to kick butt! Do you have even the slightest interest? Please don't tell me you're one of the those jaded Americans who ignores the electoral proceedings and doesn't vote and thinks Oliver Stone got it right with JFK??? Okay, maybe it is a gross misuse of money and a mockery of electoral authenticity, but hey, it's all we got, and I am SOOOO tired of reality TV, Britney, steroids and whether Bush's henchmen have yet again abrogated the rights of the innocent (of course they have!). Anyway, thank Gawd that smarmy, thickly lacquered, inexperienced poseur-savior Obama didn't win again. The ovule office is long overdue for an XX inhabitant (and boys, read carefully: I didn't write your favorite three letters "XXX"). Okay, am I sounding a bit strident? Perhaps, but the thought of yet another man running (ruining) this country gives me immobilizing cramps. I'm ready for some gender change...By the way---it was not I who inquired about your wife. I merely commented about your answer to "anon."

p.s. what's with all the new fields showing when "we" want to leave a comment? I feel like I'm doing Turbo Tax...

At 10:49 AM, Blogger John Ettorre said...

Welcome back, divine Ms. Madchen. You've really been missed. And thanks for the correction on the wifely inquiry. Yes, I've been lax in addressing the campaign, for two reasons: I'm tempermentally ornery enough and enough of a contrarian to resist writing about the same subjects that everyone else in the country seems to be tossing off opinions about, at the same time they're tossing them off. I will get to it soon, but as always on my own clock (As I think I''ve mentioned before, I have the metabolism of a magazine writer who watches the story unfold and then tries to make sense of it, rather than that of a newshound who tries to instantly sound off on every tiny incremental news blip). At a certain age and exerience level of writing, you tend to think "been there, done that." And I've BTDT.

I do happen to share your near-disdain for the Obama Phenomena (it's not good grammar but has a nice ring), though not your bias toward women candidates, Hillary least among them. I simply don't think the permafrost queen can ever be elected by a majority of Americans for lots of reasons, some of which you know, others of which I hope to expound on soon. Suffice to say that most voters pull the lever based on their gut, and Hillary reminds most men of their first wives, as one wag famously put it.

But I'm thrilled to see your name in the comments again (and sorry for the new language, it's no doubt due to a change introduced by the Blogger software folks, not me). I hope you'll continue to sound off, because you ALWAYS liven up the proceedings considerably.


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