Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ohio Using the G.L. Science Center's Leader
As a Poster Girl for Attracting Coastal Talent

From an ad campaign that's running in the Wall Street Journal, and presumably other national outlets as well (we'll be on the lookout for that). We think it's one of the most effective business-attraction ads the state of Ohio has run in many years, quite possibly the best ever:

The Photos: Linda in front of the Science Center's familiar wind turbin, and frollicking with her two kids outside the Rock Hall.

The Headline: Linda Abraham-Silver left L.A.'s hustle for better balance. In Ohio. The State of Perfect Balance.

Body copy: Linda Abraham-Silver was all California. Born in San Francisco, she lived and worked in L.A. for 17 years before joining the Great Lakes Science Center in 2004. She's all Ohio now. Professionally, Ohio's contagious cooperative spirit has helped Linda accomplish a lot at the Great Lakes Science Center in a short time. Projects to add a wind turbine and solar panels were completed much faster than they could be in L.A., thanks to the incredible collaboration among Ohio's corporations, foundations and the city of Cleveland. Personally, Linda and her family love Ohio's low-stress lifestyle and the extra time they have to spend together, taking advantage of cultural opportunities like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame that are incredibly diverse and often spectacular. Still, her greatest thrill has been simply walking her kids to school in clean, safe neighborhoods. When Linda left California, she never looked back. She found her perfect balance in Ohio. Find your balance at

You can read more about all this at the Ohio Business Development Coalition's blog. Click here to see Abraham-Silver's ad in the (we think considerably less effective) "Believe in Cleveland" campaign.


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At 4:46 AM, Anonymous Sharon McMillan said...

I really like this campaign...I think this works and it captures the unique attributes of Cleveland well (finally!).

I'm not from Cleveland but lived there for a few years and loved it. We returned recently for the Bioneers Conference and actually visited the G.L. Science Center. Blake Andres gave us an exceptional overview of the collaboration and effort that went into getting the wind turbine and solar panel displays installed. Keep it going!


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