Saturday, May 26, 2007

Ted Gup's Latest Book is a Depressing Survey
Of How Secrecy Has Become the Norm in U.S.

' the nation faces an unprecedented confluence of circumstances that together conspire to create what...may be called a 'perfect storm' of secrecy, one that may neither abate nor subside, but that threatens to engulf democratic institutions and irrevocably alter the landscape of America. The complex interaction of these influences is giving rise to a climate of secrecy that is not confined to the government or industry but is pervasive, insidious and of indeterminate duration. These factors could produce a shift that, if allowed to go unchallenged, could permanently transform the way Americans live and the way they think.'
--from Nation of Secrets, a new book by former Washington Post and Time Magazine investigative journalist Ted Gup, a one-time protege of Bob Woodward. In order to report and write it, he took a two-year leave from Case Western Reserve University, where he holds a chair in journalism.


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