Friday, February 23, 2007

Best Lead of the Month

From a recent back-page column in Fortune by Stanley Bing, a pen name for a CBS public relations executive:
Word comes from a psychologist at the University of Cardiff, which is to be found in Wales, I believe, that this time of the year is empirically proven to be the unhappiest. Factors for misery include: the weather, debt from the holiday season, the length of time until next Christmas, the fact that many of those who were stupid enough to make new year's resolutions have already failed them, and a low level of motivation in general, exacerbated by the conviction that we should be doing someting about our malaise but just, you know, aren't.

For those among you who are sharp-eyed and attentive enough to realize that this is actually the second time this month I've run this feature, you receive an A and get to sit at the front of the class. To view past best leads of the month, you can go here.


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