Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Letterman on Trouble at the Leaner Times

A couple of weeks ago--July 19th to be precise--David Letterman turned his attention to the cutbacks at the New York Times in his Top Ten list. It was prompted by the announcement that the paper would be trimming its paper size, a move that seemed to suggest mild desperation to even the most casual observer. Anyway, here it is:

Top Ten Signs There's Trouble At The New York Times

10. Extensive coverage of recent fighting between the Israelis and the lesbians
9. Pages 2 through 20 are corrections of previous edition
8. Every sentence begins "So, like"
7. TV listings only for "Zorro"
6. Weather forecast reads "Look outside dumbass"
5. Multiple references to "President Gore"
4. Obituary includes list of people they wish were dead
3. Headlines fold over to create surprise Mad magazine-type hidden message
2. Restaurant critic recently gave IHOP four stars
1. Reporting that Oprah isn't gay, but Letterman is

You can view the show's complete Top Ten archives here.


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