Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The GOP's Bankruptcy of Ideas

'The emerging Republican game plan for 2006 is, at bottom, a tautology: If the Democrats retake Congress it will mean, well, that the Democrats retake Congress. (Cue lightning bolt and ominous clap of thunder.) Karl Rove and his minions have plumb run out of issues to campaign on. They can't run on the war. They can't run on the economy, where the positive numbers on growth are offset by the largely stagnant numbers on median incomes and the public's growing dread of outsourcing. Immigration may play in various congressional districts, but it's too dicey an issue to nationalize. Even social conservatives may be growing weary of outlawing gay marriage every other November. Nobody's buying the ownership society. Competence? Ethics? You kidding?'
--Washington Post columnist Harold Meyerson, from his column today. Of course, none of this will give the odious Ken Blackwell a moment's hesitation. Expect him to grimly carry out this bankrupt script of the far right in his march to claim the Ohio governor's mansion.


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