Thursday, June 16, 2005

Our National Amnesia

Vanity Fair is rightly making a lot of noise for its historic article in the July issue about Deep Throat. But a far more important statement appears in Graydon Carter's editor's note in the June issue, especially in light of our feeble-minded president's recent interview with the Republican Propaganda Network, Fox, in which the interviewer failed to ask and he failed to bring up (even once, even glancingly) the war in Iraq. Take it away Graydon:

Excuse me, but what ever happened to the war in Iraq? You remember it, surely.
You must--it's still going on. It is the war that has taken the lives of more than 1,550 U.S. troops and an estimated 20,0000 Iraqi civilans and caused life-altering injuries to more than 6,000 other American soldiers and countless more Iraqis. It is the self-financing war that has cost tthe U.S. upwards of $165 billion and has contributed to a 23% increase in the price of gas since we invaded Baghdad. It is the war that divided our nation, earned the mistrust and animosity of many allies and neighbors and established Iraq as ground zero for further terrorist recrutment. It is the war that was not mentioned once in President Bush's 21-minute 2005 Inaugural address. And it is the war now buried back around page A12 of the New York Times and relegated to the "Iraq Watch" ghetto of the NBC Nightly News, sometimes trailing the health update.


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