Thursday, March 10, 2005

A Few Things That Got My Attention Recently

A wonderful passage from a lovely writer, Jeff Hess, and his equally lovely (caffeinated) blog:

Have Coffee Will Write is dinner-time conversation. When I was growing up in rural Southeastern Ohio we had dinner seven days a week. Not the meal, the experience. I sat down every evening with my father, brother, grandmother and grandfather at the dinning table. We ate, of course, but more importantly, we talked. I think that a great deal of how I think was shaped by those conversations. If it shows up here in my daily musings, that is a good thing. Pass the potatoes, please.

And this, from the outgoing head of the Cleveland Museum of Art, in an interview yesterday on WCPN: Quoting her counterpart from Houston, on a visit to CMA, where he marveled at the collection: "This could be Paris, this could be Rome. No, this is heaven."

And from my favorite radio jokesters, the impossibly joyous, ebullient car guys on Car Talk Saturday morning: "...our new spring break video: Mechanics Gone Wild."

And finally, as I begin going through painful withdrawal from St. Ignatius hoops until next fall, I found this passage about Iggy to be quite interesting. It's from Sun Newspapers sports reporter Jim Isabella's High School sports blog on, written back in January:

During the summer months, I ran into a coach that I've known for a few years. We started talking about his sport and teams that had a shot at the state championship. Suddenly the coach became upset when I mentioned St. Ignatius was pretty good. "You know how I feel about those Catholic schools," he said, "They shouldn't compete with us public schools. Let 'em get their own league." OK, we've heard that argument more than a few times. But for this space, let's ask the big question - Why do so many people hate St. Ignatius? Why are the comments so full of malicious feeling and vile remarks toward the school? Jealousy plays into it. It is a complete school, with top flight teachers and sports programs to die for. The coaches are good teacher, even trainer Hank Gaughan is one of the best. Fans think it is all about money. No, it is all about organization. St. I's strength is it's togetherness of administration and staff. Dale Gabor is a long-time athletic director, respected to the point of being involved with the OHSAA. Chuck Kyle is an English teacher who doesn't buy into jockracy. If one is looking to understand the wildcats, then look at Pat Massey. The St. Iggy grad was on the dais Monday night at the Cleveland Touchdown Club awards banquet. Though physically an imposing looking figure, no one hesitated to talk to the big defensive lineman because of his public demeanor. I can't hate a place that produces a good guy like Pat Massey, even if he is at that school up north (Michigan for you younger kids).


At 11:43 PM, Anonymous Paul Prcela said...

I just found your blog after googling (new word in Merriam-Webster?) Dale Gabor. I am an alumnus of Saint Ignatius, class of '85. Thank you for your kind words in reference to the finest secondary school in the state of Ohio, nay the Midwest. (O.K. maybe I'm just a tad biased.) I am tired of the malcontents who deride the school and its athletic programs, deciding that the success is achieved through dubious means. Granted, the ability to draw its enrollment from all of Graeter Cleveland rather than a single municipality is an advantage. It is also one enjoyed by many schools in the Cleveland area, whose records of success are unquestionably lacking in comparison. This speaks to the dedication, determination and hard work of the staff and faculty of Saint Ignatius, no to mention the class and character of its student body.


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