Monday, January 24, 2005

Enough to Renew Your Faith in the Jury System

As I've mentioned often in the past, I'm regularly transfixed by NPR, which serves up more golden nuggets for the mind in a single week than most news organizations can manage to dig up in an entire year. The latest marvelous moment happened on Saturday afternoon. Barbara Bogaev was interviewing the infamous Juror #4 from the Tyco/Dennis Koslowski corporate-corruption trial (she was the one who supposedly signaled defense lawyers "okay," thus triggering a mistrial and her identification in the media. You can read more about that here if you like). Anyway, this elderly retired teacher and lawyer veered off into a fascinating little story about how she has come to befriend a fellow juror, a black male nurse (who, as she awkwardly put it, is "a member of the black population") perhaps 40 years her junior. "We have almost nothing in common, except maybe a love for the truth," she said, before adding what I thought was the killer detail. She and her unlikely new friend still go to Costco together!


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