Friday, July 16, 2004

News You Can Use
We spend a lot of time here at Working With Words trying to ascertain what you need to, and want to, know. And in the course of our surveying, we've found that 86% of our readers are HUGE Bill O'Reilly fans. Which is only natural, of course, BECAUSE WE ARE TOO! We love how wily old Bill judiciously weighs his subjects, cannily bringing you both sides of a topic. He's great TV, of course, but also really enlightening journalism.
But having said that, we think you'd be cheated of all the intellectual bounty he has to offer if you only enjoy him on TV. C'mon, there's so much more to the guy! Hell, do you realize that you too could read the books he calls his favorites? You could actually go to the library or the bookstore today, and walk out 10 minutes later with the very books that Bill has identified as his favorites.
But how would I learn about such a list, you ask? Sure, I could call Fox, but would I ever get through to the guy? Pretty unlikely. Well, we feel your pain, dear readers. So look no further: you've come to the right place!! We have done the research for you, and by merely clicking here, you can learn about all of Bill's fav books, and actually read them yourself. Can you even believe your good fortune?


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