Wednesday, March 17, 2004

A New Site Goes Live

And you thought I only wrote lowly paid (like this) and no-ly paid (what you're reading) journalism? Not a chance. While I haven't talked much about it here--mostly only alluded to other things I'm doing--I actually do an impossibly wide range of writing in just about every imaginable medium, and for all kinds of clients and publications. As we speak, I'm now finishing up a long piece on innovations in surgery for the Cleveland Clinic's splashy new magazine and I've just received a hard copy of my first article for a refereed academic journal--on the subject of hospital billing, no less--which was a kick. In just a few days, I'll put the wraps on my second ghostwritten book, which will be a relief, because I can then turn my attention to another.

But I could do no other: after all, I have to take my own advice, and I've been telling other writers for years that they need to keep the door open to all kinds of projects in order to fund their independent pen. Besides, for those of us with unquenchable curiosity and short attention spans, this is ideal: you get variety and learn something from every assignment which allows you to be better, sharper and more creative for the next project. And probably do it far more quickly than you might have without all that other experience.

When finally I get around to upgrading this blog (perhaps shortly after its first anniversary, just days away), it will have links to lots more of my other work, which you can check out if you have an interest. The idea of wading through some of that vast archive--growing all the time--in order to put it online has been pretty daunting to imagine. But I've been taking stabs at it slowly, and eventually it'll be available. You'll also have the chance to support Working With Words, which has been a labor of love over many hundreds of hours in its first year, but which will soon begin inviting its growing readership to support it as you would your favorite public radio or TV station (only without those annoyingly syrupy broadcast versions of Senate filibusters).

Meanwhile, I thought I'd share with you the newest site whose copy I prepared: the Gates Group, an interesting new venture fund devoted to the parking industry. It follows these other sites (click here, here and here) for which I've been pleased to be the prime word architect. (Plus this massive relaunched site, for which I served more of an editing role).

I thank all these folks--and let's not forget some of the splendid web designers I've been honored to work with lately--for their support. They play a crucial role in fortifying my independence in these times of increasing media blandness and inability to connect with their communities. And they allow me to continue sharing some stubbornly independent news, insights and information with a flock of readers who day by day grow virally in ways that are humbling. I say a round of drinks for all of you on this St. Patty's day.


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