Friday, February 27, 2004

Thundering Thundertech

Jason "I am a fullback" Therrien (click here) is one of our favorite folks here at Working With Words. He's been called, among other things, a poster boy for the new generation of Cleveland entrepreneurs as well as the best example of what Jesuit education (in general) and John Carroll (in particular) can produce. So we got a special kick out of his being mentioned this week as a successor to no less than John D. Rockefeller in Ch. 3's otherwise light and syrupy new series, Making it in Cleveland, which WKYC hopes can be something of a counterbalance to the steady drumbeat of despair that has become the PD's/Ideastream's The Quiet Crisis. And as long as you're checking out that story, why not also take a moment and review Thundertech's newly relaunched site, a wonderfully upgraded version that describes its work with a light wit and imagination (even a zen quote) far too rare in the oh-so-serious world of web developers, whose websites are becoming increasingly alike in their blandness. You go, guys...


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