Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Thank You's All Around

Today I'm thankful. Thankful to Blogger/Google, for fixing the site problems I encountered the last few days. In hopes of establishing the common-guy plausability of doing a weblog (if I can do it, I like to tell people, you can too), I've always prided myself on doing this without any help thus far, despite some kind offers of assistance from some friends & colleagues with far better technical skills (whom I may soon take up on their offer). But in trying to add a comments feature to the site via Haloscan, I apparently flubbed the simple cut-and-pasting of the code, which gave me problems until a couple of cheery Blogger help deskers came to the rescue earlier today. Anyway, thanks (and by the way, Anton, that's a helluva cool-looking new blog. I'm beginning to lose track of all of your sites).

And as long as I'm on the subject of thankfulness, let me say that I'm also thankful for all the multimedia mentions I've recently received, along with links to this site. Some are recent, others long overdue. Anyway, here's a quick rundown:
Thanks to PD tech columnist Chris Seper for the mention in his Monday column, which began with a longer story on NEOSA's money woes before moving into a quick sketch of It was his last column before a nine-week leave of absence, perhaps to take some parenting time with this little bundle. Thanks also to the new link from's weblog page. And (this one is long overdue) thanks to our friend Dash, the anonymous Inside Business gossip columnist, for this mention back in late June.

Finally, thanks to all the bloggers I haven't even met who keep adding a link to this site. It's of course wonderful to be linked to one's friends, colleagues, goombahs and co-conspirators, and I do appreciate all those from the likes of Jack, Steve (welcome back), George, Eric, Bruce, Barbara, Don, Jim, Tony, Sandy, Anton and others. But it's an altogether different experience to stumble over mentions and links from those you don't know and have never so much as heard of, people such as this kind soul (who improbably and delightfully puts Workingwithwords in with her other two favorites, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail!), and this fellow, Richard Talbot, who calls me "quintessential Cleveland" (is that an ouch, or does it only sound like a put-down from a non-local?) before regaining his senses by calling this site well-written. Anyway, I'm much obliged to all. May this pub grow slowly, surely and virally...


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