Friday, October 03, 2008

Save This Date: Afternoon of October 22nd
Join Me at the COSE Small Biz Conference

If you're a Northeast Ohioan, I hope you'll consider taking in at least part of the COSE small business conference in three weeks. By all accounts, it gets bigger and better each year. This year, I'll be on a panel talking about blogging and Web 2.0, and how people in business and the arts can better harness the tools to connect to more and better opportunities. But I'll let my friend Roxanne, who I mentioned briefly last year, tell you first-hand about its benefits. In this brief video, she talks about the energy boost she got from attending last year's conference. Hope to see some of you there. Meanwhile, we'll be silent over the weekend, while we're taking part in the weekend writing retreat in Lakeside, Ohio. If anyone wants to join us for a last-minute Saturday-only portion, just buzz me at, and we'll be glad to accomodate you. Talk to you again on Monday. Enjoy your weekend, everyone.


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