Friday, July 14, 2006

A Vote Against the 'Echo Chamber'

From this week's cover story round-up on the best things in Cleveland, the Free Times's James Renner offers a nice departure from the usual suspects when it comes to his choice of Cleveland's best blog. He writes:
Looking for a fresh prospective on our rust belt town? Try The author remains relatively in-the-closet (in the Cleveland blogosphere, that is), posting only as "Brian" and described in his bio as "a confirmed bachelor residing in a well-appointed bungalow in the elegant suburb of Lakewood. Now off with you, it's time for afternoon cocktails." Brian has a loyal base of fans and fag hags and the best attention to blog aesthetics in town. Drop in to learn about his latest gym rendezvous and to read of his adventures at Flex Cleveland, the world's largest bathhouse. A fun departure from the echo chamber.

We hear Renner is working on a book for Gray & Co., an expansion of a true-crime piece he wrote some time ago while laboring on the Scene's staff.


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