Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Almost 2 Out of 3 Online

I mentioned in an entry not long ago that I've recently written a trio of magazine articles about topics especially dear to my heart--executive education at CWRU, entrepreneurial awakenings at John Carroll and a salute to a publication and its creator that did much to form me as a writer, The Cleveland Edition and its founder Bill Gunlocke. I'm happy to report that the latter two are now online. Well, mostly, that is.
The new spring edition of the John Carroll Magazine, while it's all but invisible to the average visitor to the university's website, is buried way down deep in the recesses of the site. You'll find a link to the first half of the issue here, and my piece about the John Carroll Collaborative with Industry and the Lighting Innovation Institute begins on pg. 22.
My homage to the first of Cleveland's alternative weeklies, the Edition, appears here. Northern Ohio Live magazine was kind enough to honor a request to do something it never does: post a full article on their site. They nearly got it all in, too, but in the end did just a little condensing. But I'm pleased that if you don't see the May issue in print, this online version gives you most of it, and it includes a special photo, never before published, that I've been saving for about a decade of Bill G. in the Arcade, cradling his paper. I hate to sound like those old, fussy New York writers who can't abide other, lesser papers after their exacting New York Herald Tribune closed--my meta-mentor Bill Zinsser being the foremost example--but if you were a reader of the Edition, you probably understand what I'm talking about. It's pretty hard for later attempts to measure up.
Alas, presumably the most technologically sophisticated of these three publishers, Cleveland Enterprise Magazine, a joint project of the Weatherhead School of Business and Enterprise Development, Inc., hasn't even gotten around yet to posting on the web outakes of the latest issue, which came out nearly a month ago. And when it eventually does, there won't be full-text, if past issues are any guide.
On the other hand, this article was improved immensely, thanks to another sublime design engineered by the brilliant graphic artiste Brian Wilse of New Bomb, in Cleveland's Creative Corridor. And Brian, too, was touched early in his career by one Bill Gunlocke. So the spring thus far has brought with it a feeling of happy, interlocking convergences, you might say. Here's to many more where those came from.


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